The new CD “Life and Death” is presented on a major Latin American tour

Sebastian Schunke once again sets unexpected musical accents!

Sebastian Schunke, a dazzling star in the jazz sky, presents with his fifth CD “Life and Death” for the renowned Termidor Musikverlag an impressive testimony of compositional and pianistic creativity – innovative, wild and moving!

The internationally acclaimed collaboration with the 9-time Grammy winner Paquito de Rivera on the previous CD “Back in New York” in 2008 led to extensive, successful tours worldwide in the last three years – what can top that?

Sebastian Schunke becomes personal, as personal as a pianist and composer can get – for the first time in his 10-year career as an internationally traveling bandleader, he presents seven of the eleven recorded compositions as a soloist – solo piano!

But that’s not all, at the same time he presents on four tracks a new young formation of exceptional Berlin musicians with whom he has traveled the world in recent years – after back in New York – his new home Berlin is now being expressed and with the title “Life and Death” quickly makes it clear that the CD knows no compromises in terms of composition or play – a mature Sebastian Schunke shows himself honestly, sincerely and with all his passion. So it’s not surprising that the recordings took place in the extraordinary studios on Nalepastraße in Berlin – one band, one sound, an intense musical experience!

But New York is not only in the heart on “Life and Death”, but also noticeable on the recording – the multiple Grammy winner Pernell Saturnino, who was already enthusiastic on Back in New York and is a permanent member of the new Schunke Group, fits in wonderfully the young, wild and energetic Berlin formation.

After 10 successful Latin American tours in recent years, it is obvious that the CD “Life and Death” will first be presented on a major Latin American tour in August/September 2011 at major festivals before it will hit stores in Germany in autumn and the Schunke Group festivals and jazz clubs in Europe.

Shanghai “…Schunke´s sound is as eclectic as it is unpredictable” (That´s Shanghai Magazine).
Kanada “…He’s an extraordinary composer, arranger and performer…” (Latinjazznet-Magazine).
London “…The jazz element seems to shimmer between the main stream and avant guard immeasurably enhanced by rhythmic excitement introduced through Schunk’s masterly use of extravagant time signatures…” (quepasamagazine)

Sebastian Schunke is one of the few Germans who manages to cause a sensation with his projects worldwide.

“…he has a noted style with authentic emotions, with sensations that take light in an agile and fluid way, designing moments of elegant, and inevitably, involved listening…”, Italien

“…The mastery and piano virtuosity of Sebastian Schunke, who interprets a jazz with his own and avant-garde style…”
Raíces Magazine, Spanien

“…that’s the wonderful thing about music, that borders are torn down and something completely new can emerge.”

Sebastian Schunke manages to break boundaries again with “Life and Death” – the music becomes even wilder, even more creative. The boundaries between modern Berlin jazz, Latin American rhythms, innovative harmonic and improvisational concepts merge into one big whole – “Life and Death” lives up to its title – a thoroughly honest and vibrant statement by the globetrotter! Adelante!
Lateinamerikatour „Life and Death“ (Connector Records/Termidor Musikverlag) 2011:

26. August  – International Piano Festival, Bucaramanga, Kolumbien
27. August – International Jazz Festival, Barrancamerbeja, Kolumbien
31. August – Workshop/Concert Paschschule, Lima, Peru
02. September – European-Peruvian Jazz Festival, Lima, Peru
03. September – Masterclass – Lima, Peru
05. September – Concert, Arequipa, Peru
08. September – International Jazz Festival, Teatro Libre, Bogota, Kolumbien
09. September – Concert, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Kolumbien
12. September – Concert German Embassy, Montevideo, Uruguay

CD „Life and Death“:
Sebastian Schunke piano solo
Sebastian Schunke Group:
Sebastian Schunke – piano
Diego Pinera – drums
Marcel Krömker – bass
Dan Freeman – sax
Pernell Saturnino – percussion

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