Sebastian Schunke “Solo”

Sebastian Schunke “Solo”

Sebastian Schunke – composition, piano, keyboards

“…Schunke intentionally merges the boundaries of classical piano and Latin rhythms to create music that is structured but spontaneous, familiar yet exotic…Schunke ´s skills as a writer and musician deserve applause…”
All About Jazz, New York, USA

“…that guy Sebastian Schunke is a very, very fine pianist-composer, he is very good!”
Paquito d´Rivera, 10 time Grammy Award Winner, USA

“German pianist and composer Sebastian Schunke continues to grow as an artist….His classical training exudes throughout his compositions, melding with Jazz and just the necessary Latin tinge to present refined arrangements that defy any genre.”
Latinjazznet Magazine, Canada

“What is happening here is the improbable symbiosis of supposed opposites. Something new emerges from the mathematical precision of advanced Latin jazz, the passion of Latin American folk culture and the European modern understanding of harmony that draws on Schönberg and Webern.”
Josef Engels (World, Jazzthing, Rondo)

The award-winning C. Bechstein artist Sebastian Schunke is the first European to have achieved an international reputation in the world of Latin jazz through his work as a composer and jazz pianist. For several years, Schunke has been regarded as the stylistic influencer of a new, modern, European-influenced Latin jazz, with which he has been successful around the world.

With highly acclaimed CD releases, tours through Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the USA, the former New Yorker by choice and now Berlin by choice, Sebastian Schunke has firmly established himself at the top of the international Latin jazz scene. Renowned artists such as Paquito d’Rivera, Nils Wogram, Antonio Sanchez, Richie Flores and John Benitez were enthusiastic about Schunke’s new style and are part of his international work.In his solo project, Schunke explores the limits of his instrument and creates a completely new sound and terminology for the “fourth stream” he created – the collaboration with C. Bechstein helps him to get to know his instrument in a completely new way and the symbiosis of Afro Latin American music culture and to give the “new music” of the 21st century a “purely” pianistic, very intimate touch.